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Deep-Drawn Metal Stampings and Related Products

Time honored tradition backed by advanced technology

Engineering team

Deep-Draw Conversion Service

Complete redesign of costly machined parts to create high-efficiency, deep-drawn parts.

Braxton Manufacturing’s Engineering team and their highly skilled toolmakers work closely together to seamlessly convert screw-machine components into precision deep-drawn components, resulting in significant material savings.

Braxton’s full range of unique presses offers the ability to accommodate an array of characteristics with no need for costly secondary operations.

Conversion Sample

Rapid Prototype Service

Braxton is proud to announce that we now have a fully functional Rapid Prototype Department capable of producing components utilizing existing products (over 7,000 available). These can be reworked on the bench simulating actual production methods including complex designs requiring side holes, knurls, flares, beads, multiple diameters, closed or open end parts from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, and copper-based alloys, to name a few.

Braxton offers expert engineering and design assistance to maximize production efficiencies and minimize production costs. Braxton is integral to the development of parts, from rapid prototype models to full production deep-drawn, metal-formed components with uses in all industries, including Medical, Electronics, Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive.

Applications for our low-volume prototype components range from research and development parts, to pre-production parts, qualification test parts, tradeshow samples, screw-machined conversion parts, and one-off prototypes that are typically available to ship within 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

image of an one cent coin compared to some of our manufactured parts
Picture of two Braxton machines
Drawing of Braxton machine

Engineering Support Services

Braxton's Engineering Department utilizes Autodesk’s suite of engineering software to design our proprietary precision presses and precision deep-draw tooling machines that manufacture components to your exact specifications.

Utilizing the benefits of 3D modeling, we conduct complete design reviews to critique and improve our designs. The result is improved production efficiency and throughput.

Software and accepted files : AutoDesk Inventor 3D Modeling and component analysis
AutoDesk Vault: Database storage and organization and AutoCAD Mechanical.

Our software can cooperate with Solidworks and many major design software applications.

Engineering Sample

Engineering sample drawing

In-House Tooling

Braxton’s capabilities focus on miniature deep drawn applications. In-house designed tooling, coupled with our presses, and a variety of raw materials, allows us to provide our customers with precision miniature deep drawn components within the following specifications.

Part redesign to maximize run efficiency and reduce part cost, including tool design review and construction on location. Complete with project management and reporting, and DFMA (Design For Manufacture and Assembly) and DOE (Design Of Experiments) analysis.

image of project management document
Picture of Braxton machine bearing block on top of a CAD drawing