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Deep Drawn Metal Stampings and Related Products

Time honored tradition backed by advance technology

Advantages of the Deep Draw Process

Starting with Flat Stock...

Braxton Provides the Deep-Drawn Advantage from subminiature to complex parts

Compared to screw machines, plastic extrusions, tubing and stampings, Braxton’s deep-drawing techniques offer many benefits:

  • Superior Part to part repeatability for both low and high-volume production.
  • High output advantage, Deep drawing machines have the capability of running at 300 PPM or higher dependent on part geometry, wall thickness or raw material selected.
  • Part removed from the strip material in the 1st processing step allowing for multiple features to be added to a part during the draw process that include hole punching, slotting, beading, necking, multiple diameters, dimples, ribs, effectively eliminating costly secondary processes.
  • Base strip material can be plated/clad overall or selectively one side only prior to the drawing process assuring even coverage of the plating thickness without exposing the base material after forming. This uniform plating thickness is critical for applications requiring plate coverage on micro miniature parts with ID sizes of .015” or less.
  • Work hardening of the material during the deep draw process.  As the base material is subjected to the steps of the draw process the work hardening effect creates a strong and robust seamless product.  This work hardening can be very desirable with slotted connector parts that need to meet cycle life requirements for spring retention allowing the use of more cost-efficient materials including brass or phosphorus bronze eliminating the need for environmentally unfriendly and expensive Beryllium copper alloys needing secondary heat treatment to assure compliance.
  • Extremely thin wall parts can be produced, less than .001” can be achieved depending on material choice.
  • Deep drawn products being produced from a flat strip of material vs screw machining bar stock, there is a significant cost savings in raw material as drawn parts are engineered to minimize material waste being hollow throw-out the processing steps.
  • Superior surface finishes, due the burnishing effect during the deep draw process, the absence of machining or tool marks. Typically, deep drawing yields ID OD surface finishes of 32 Ra or better depending on material choice and wall thickness as compared to alternate manufacturing processes that typically yield a 125 Ra.
  • Value added features, deep draw technology can provide a tube with a one end closed eliminating the need to spinning or welding to seal.  Deep drawing can offer multiple diameters on a single part eliminating the need for individual parts being assembled by soldering or welding to achieve the final part geometry.
  • Deep Draw NRE costs can be 70%-90% less than alternate manufacturing process that utilize progressive press or multicavity injection mold technology.
  • Deep draw process allows the opportunity for parts assembly during the draw process eliminating the need for subsequent assembly and equipment costs.
  • Parts requiring high accuracy and repeatability can be manufactured with reasonable costs even in low volumes.